Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Burger Dude Issue #1

Here's the very first issue of Burger Dude in all it's crayola-crayon glory. Strangely, I decided on working out an origin story for the antagonist The Bad Burger but nothing for Burger Dude himself. I guess his eating powers are more of a natural ability than an acquired one and therefore need no explanation? Whatev. (Sorry the image is a little small; if you click on it you can get a larger more readable version.)

I'm heading out to the NY in a couple days with my good friend R. Scott so there probably won't be any posts until mid-December. See ya!

Friday, November 21, 2008

James Rabbit Bird Costume

Due to popular request, I'll give a little info on how this number was made. This is the costume I made for James Rabbit shows. The idea was to make something in the ol' JR blue/green theme that was light and comfortable.

1. American Apparel 2408 Tank
2. Scissors
3. Felt
4. Hot Glue Gun

1. Cut out the feathers
2. Glue em on the shirt
3. That's it!

At first I was thinking about sewing each feather on individually but that probably would've taken forever. Hot gluing went much more quickly and I was able to finish the thing in an afternoon. So far I've played two shows with it on. Unfortunately, by the end of each show, it becomes very sticky with sweat and hard to take off. So I'm maybe half-way there on useful show outfits.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Burger Dude

Earlier this year I created a weekly comic for the elementary school kids I worked with. It was called "Burger Dude" and featured fantastic adventures in eating. Here we see Burger Dude admiring The Best Burger Ever about to go to work on it. Burger Dude's super powers are eating large amounts of food very quickly.

Hopefully I'll be able to post the rest of the series bi-weekly, maybe?